About Dr. Pierre Barnes

Dr. Pierre Barnes brings more than 15 years of chiropractor experience.  Dr. Barnes currently practices the Gonstead method of adjusting, that is a very effective and precise form of adjustment. The results speak for themselves, through many testimonials and customers we have for more than a decade. Dr. Barnes started performing D.O.T.  medical exams about six years ago and with the requirement of  certification, was certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety  Administration to comply with this new law.

Dr. Barnes was also a German auto mechanic for the first part of his  life owning and operating his own repair facility in Ventura County, California. Combining Dr. Barnes' unique background as an auto mechanic with his current practice as a Chiropractor, he can relate  to Commercial Carriers knowing the demands placed on them. Dr. Barnes talks to all patients with an understanding that someone who is not in the trade just is unable to possess.

Dr. Barnes also speaks Spanish, so if it's easier for you to converse in Spanish, that's not a problem!

Se Habla Espanol!